Ultimate working stress management techniques for students.

 Ultimate working stress management techniques for students.

Stress is one of the biggest things among all students.  And especially in India where every year more than 10,000 students commit suicide.

Because of not getting the results in exams as they wanted.

You can understand how much on large scale stress affecting students in their life.

If you are also facing these kinds of stressful situations than this article is just for you.

Read this thoroughly.

  • But first, let’s understand in depth what stress is?

Life would be simple indeed if our needs could always be satisfied. Stress is not new to human beings.

It has existed throughout the evolution. At work or in life everyone experiences stress. For students stress may be double in comparison to a common man.

Ultimate working stress management techniques for students


  • ⇒ Why a human life is very important?
  • Millions of trials and errors in the life process have brought human beings to this stage.
  • We know that there are many obstacles in life which interface with the gratification of our needs and complicate our efforts towards our goals.
  • We all faces delays, deprivation, failures, losses, restrictions, obligations, illness, pressures etc.
  • Such events place stress on us which may be very harmful to us.

So, it becomes important for us to know the exact meaning of stress.

⇒ The meaning of stress. (Definition of stress)

  • In medical language, stress is defined as a disturbance of the body’s homeostasis.

And according to oxford dictionary stress is defined as “a state of an affair involving demand on physical or mental energy”.


We can say that Stress can also be defined as “the body’s physiological response to demands placed on it”.

The demands or stress-producing agents are referred to as stressors.


Stress is a condition or circumstance (not always adverse), which can disturb the normal physical and mental health of a person.

⇒ Effects of stressors

 These stressors occur as a result of a person’s perception of an event. Along with the perception of an event, the effects also depend on the intensity of stressor.

In the same situation, one person may interpret a stressor as a non-stressor, another person as a moderate stressor and yet another person as a major stressor.

So the effect of the stressor depends on the perception and intensity of the stressor.

If the effect of a stressor is serving, it can cause health problems and in extreme cases, it can even cause death.

⇒ Effects of stress on health.

  • Generally, it causes headaches, eating disorders, allergies, insomnia, backaches, frequent cold, fatigue, hypertension, asthma, diabetes, heart ailments and cancer etc.

Today, with the rapid diversification of human activity maximum number of adults is facing stress-related problems.

Watch this video for to get more information about stress effect on human body.


⇒ How does our body work in stress situations?

In the situation of stress, the brain prepares the body to take defensive action (the fight or flight response) by releasing stress hormones which are called cortisone and adrenaline.

  • These hormones raise the blood pressure and the body prepares to react to the situation. This is called fight response.
  • These hormones get used up in blood and finally, the effect of stress is reduced.
  • When we fail to face a stressful situation, the hormones remain unused in the blood for a long time.
  • It results in stress-related physical symptoms, such as tense muscles, anxiety, dizziness and fast heartbeats.
  • This state of accumulated stress can increase the risk of psychosomatic illness.
  • It also weakens the immunity power of the body.

 It may lead to the loss of potassium, white blood cells and body weight of the person.

⇒ Ultimate working stress management techniques for students.

As a student, I can feel and understand how it feels to be in a stressful situation.

There are many stress management techniques, such as a change in lifestyle, relaxation (meditation, yogic exercises, physical exercise, listening to smooth music, deep breathing and much more).

So, here I am sharing few key points by following them you can come over some stressful conditions.

⇒ These techniques have a positive effect on reducing stress.

  1. Physical activities. This is one of the best working stress management techniques.
  • This can manage the stress effectively and efficiently. The exercise should be of moderate to high intensity.
  • Cardio exercise is good for reducing stress.
  •  Physical activity is one of the best means of releasing stress. It increases the fitness of individuals who are physically fit have a better health status.

They are more resistant to the effects of stress than less physically fit persons.

Working stress management techniques for students

  1. Achieve a high level of physical fitness.  When we talk about working stress management techniques, this is the prime thing.
  • The goal of working stress management techniques is to use stress advantageously, not to eliminate all stress from one’s life.
  • Too little or too severe stress lowers the performance.
  1. Strong Strategies. This is also working stress management techniques.
  • Any person who is under stress should apply cognitive strategies to change the perception of the stressor.
  • He should analyze the situation of stress. He should percept the stressor as a challenge rather than a threat.
  • He should have a positive thinking towards the stress.


  1. Building self-confidence. Building self-confidence is also one of the best working stress management techniques.

working stress management techniques Build self-confidence

  •  Any person, who is under stress, should try to build him/her self-confidence to deal with the stress.
  1. Relaxation techniques. working stress management techniques Relaxation techniques.
  • Relaxation techniques are great working stress management techniques.
  • For physical relaxation, one should perform various physical education programmers.
  • If a person performs some exercise for legs, his muscles of legs will be tense after that. So, other muscle exercises should be performed so the muscles of legs get proper recovery.
  • There are many other relaxation methods of working stress management techniques such as
  • Deep breathing
  • Massage
  • Laughing whole-heartedly
  • Yoga practice
  •  Pranayamas like Shavasana, Nadi shodan, ujjayi and bharamari.
  •  Various yoga postures
  • Chanting ‘Om’
  • Right food for stress management.

These working stress management techniques may deal with the stress in the short term but in the long term, they can adversely affect the health of a person.

  1. Develop hobbies.
  • Developing various types of hobbies is also considered working stress management techniques.
  • Many hobbies like writing poems, swimming, singing, dancing is also significant for reducing stress.
  1. Stay relaxes under exam pressure. Any student who is under exam pressure should try to stay cool and confident when there is stress or exam pressure.
  • Working stress management techniques means that methods that can help you under stressful situations.
  • Remaining in such a state can be helpful in reducing stress.
  1. Avoid the company of stressed persons. working stress management techniques bad company.
  • Avoiding such situations in which you are surrounded by stressful persons is also working stress management techniques.
  • Stressed persons usually remain busy in talking about their own stress. They become pessimistic.
  • You can affect their views. So, always avoid such people who remain under stress.
  1. Positive thinking.working stress management techniques Positive thinking
  • Positive thinking is one the best working stress management techniques.
  •  It has been observed that most of the people always remain worried any solid reason. In fact, most of the things never happen in their life.

So you should never waste your energy on all those unnecessary things.

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  1. Read Autobiography of successful peoples.  Reading a biography of successful persons is also working stress management techniques.

Ultimate working stress management techniques for students

  • There is no any successful person in this world that never faced failure or stressful situation.

As a student, you should learn from their life experience.

So, friends, these are some Ultimate working stress management techniques that I wanted to share with you.

⇒ The positive side of stress.

The effects of stress are not always negative but positive also. There are various instances of positive effects of stress.

  • The unachievable tasks can be achieved with positive stress.
  •  Experts say that stress in moderate doses is very significant as well as essential in our life.
  • It can be used as the best defensive system of our body against outer and inner dangers.
  • In the case of accidents or sudden attack on life, body releases cortisone and adrenaline hormones that immediately make us more alert and our senses become more focused.
  • Our body is also prepared to act with increased strength and speed in such a situation.
  • It enables us to face the situation. Research performed in this field suggests that stress increases our performance.

working stress management techniques motivational.

But remember one thing if the stress in the little amount it will not harm you but if it in the huge amount it will defiantly hurt you and your health.

⇒ Conclusion. So, friends, in the end, this is all I wanted I share with you. Remember your life is extremely gifted and important.

Committing suicide is totally wasting the life (I am not blaming them who commit suicide).

Your attitude and behavior have the power to change your future.

The ultimate working stress management techniques I shared in this post can help you to build an attitude and positive behavior.

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