What Is Whey Protein Supplement? How To Use Whey Protein.

When we talk about whey protein supplement there are hundreds of protein supplement in the market and whey protein supplement is the best of them.whey protein is a high-quality protein supplement.it is the most used nutritional supplement in the fitness world. this is highly recommended in your diet.

In this post, we are going to learn about
What is whey protein?
How is whey protein prepared ?
What are different types of whey protein ?
The difference between the diffetent type of whey protein?


What is Whey Protein Supplement :

1. It is a high-quality protein.
2. It’s 100% natural and vegetarian as it found in milk.
3. Approx 20% of the protein found in raw milk is whey protein.
4. It is a complete protein containing all essential amino acids.
5. One of the best sources of branch chain amino acids.
6. Digest faster and reach your muscles tissues quickly.


How Whey Protein Made :

It’s made from milk, To make whey firstly special enzymes added into milk from where whey liquid and curd are separated. from here liquid whey is processed to pasteurization for removing all the micro bacterias. from here powder form is made by dehydration Of liquid whey.
Whey protein supplement quality depends on its filtration level.according to its filtration level whey protein has three types.

Here is the short video about whey protein processing



Types Of Whey Protein Supplement


1. Hydrolyzed whey protein :

whey protein supplement hydrolyzed

This is the purest form of whey protein,as you know the raw milk contains many things like fat,sugar,carbohydrate and protein. so to get whey hydrolyzed all the remaining other things removed by processing.whey hydrolyzed is also most costly protein supplement among other protein supplements.the biological availability of protein in whey protein hydrolyzed is more than 95%.


How To Use :
                 If  You are a professional bodybuilder or fitness model.you need whey protein hydrolyzed when you are in calorie deficit(less calorie) diet routine.or you are preparing for bodybuilding or fitness competition.

You can use it in your

  • Breakfast
  • Postworkout shake
  • Before bed meal


2. Isolate whey protein :

whey protein supplement isolate

Whey isolate is the second best quality protein after whey hydrolyzed.It also has sugar and fat but in very little amount.its costs cheaper than whey hydrolyzed.the biological availability of protein in whey isolate is 80-85%.

How To Use :

If you are an athlete or you have active lifestyle than whey isolate will be perfect for you.you can use it in your

  • Breakfast
  • Postworkout shake
  • Before bed meal
  • Snacks


3. Concentrate Whey Protein :

whey protein supplement concentrate

Whey concentrate is the lowest quality protein in all the whey proteins. the reason for this is the biological availability of protein in whey concentrate is 50-60 %.which sounds not good.that’s why this the cheapest whey pro. among all whey proteins.

How To Use :
If you are a beginner then you should use whey protein concentrate.because your muscles are not enough matured to absorb high-quality protein.you can use only

  • After Workout Protein Shake


So guys, this was the detailed information about whey protein supplement.but remember all of these supplements won’t work untill  your diet and nutrition is not perfect and balanced.anything you wanna share guys feel free to share via comments.

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