Top 15 Vegetarian protein rich foods for muscle building and fat loss.

Vegetarian protein rich foods are the only sources of protein for that person who doesn’t use meat, fish or animal meat for meal purpose.

It is one of the biggest myths among the people all over the world that vegetarian person can’t get enough protein through his diet or a vegetarian meal.

If you are also that kind of person who thinks that you need to bust your myth, read this article till the end.

Protein is an extremely important nutrient for every person. So it is very important to have protein in your diet and each meal you eat.

  • In this article, we will talk about vegetarian protein rich foods.

But before that let’s understand what actually protein is and which thing make protein very important?

  • The word protein is derived from the Greek word “protias”. Its meaning is “the best substance from food”.
  • The maximum amount of protein remains in the tissues of our body. Beside this protein is also found in blood, secretion of endocrine glands, bones, teeth and in delicate tissues.
  • After water, protein is found in maximum amount in our body.
  • Protein-rich foods are also called nitrogenous food.


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A protein molecule contains- carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and sometimes sulphur. Protein is building blocks of amino acids.

There are total 21 amino acids. Out of these, 9 amino acids must be available in the diet.

A protein molecule is large in size so they cannot get directly into our blood. First, they turned into amino-acids by our digestive system then they dissolve in our blood.


⇒ The Importance of protein rich foods in our diet.

  • Our physical growth and development will be retarded if we take less amount of protein in our blood.
  • High protein foods in our diet play an important role in the mental development of an individual.
  • If we do not get require an amount of protein rich foods in our diet/food then the deficiency diseases named marasmus and kwashiorkor can affect our body.
  • Macronutrient Protein is responsible for the formation of new tissues, repair the broken tissues, regulate the balance of water and acids, and transport oxygen and nutrients and make antibodies.


Question: How much protein per day required in your diet?

Answer. The amount of protein required in your diet is 1 gramme per pound of your body weight.

  • It means suppose if your body weight 150 pounds then the amount of protein required is 150 grammes.
  • To complete that amount of protein requirement you must take protein rich foods in your diet.
  • You can eat vegetarian protein rich foods if you don’t eat meat, chicken, fish etc.

Let’s talk about sources of protein rich food.

According to the sources, protein can be divided into two categories.

a. Animal Protein Rich Food.

b. Vegetable protein rich foods.

a. Animal Protein Sources. The protein, which we get from animals’ product, is called animal protein.

  • This protein found in eggs, milk, milk products, meat and fish. Among these sources, eggs are considered to be a complete protein source.

b. Vegetable Protein Sources. The protein, which we get from vegetables, is called vegetable protein.

  • Vegetarian protein rich foods are usually the main source of protein for vegetarian persons.


Top 15 sources of vegetarian protein rich foods.

vegetarian protein rich foods oats.
15. Oats. Oats are the prime of energy and carbohydrate but it also has some amount of protein.

  • You should use natural oats for meal purpose, not the flavoured oats.

The amount of protein in 100 gm. Of oats is 15-17 grammes.

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vegetarian protein rich foods.

14. Cheese. Cheese is an animal product but it is included in vegetarian categories.
It is a major

  • The source of calcium which is great for your bones and teethers.
  • The amount of protein found in one cup of cheese is 32 grammes.
  • So as a cheese can also be said vegetarian protein rich foods.

13. Pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are a great healthy fat source. But it also has some good amount of protein.

  • In 100 grammes of pumpkins seeds, the amount of protein is 20 grammes. These seeds are also a great source of iron and zinc.

12. Asparagus. It is a type of vegetable which very low calorie and carbohydrates. It has some amount of protein.

One cup of asparagus has 5-6 grammes of protein.


vegetarian protein rich foods spinach.
11. Spinach. It is a complete vegetable protein source. It also has the rich amount of iron and other important micronutrients.

  • One cup of boiled spinach contains 15 grammes of protein.

vegetarian protein rich foods greek yogurt.

10. Greek Yogurt. It is also an animal product and it’s made of milk. It is a great source of calcium and many micronutrients.

  • It is totally fat-free and has very low calories.
  • In 100 grammes of Greek yoghurt, there are 15-17 grammes of protein found.

9. Roasted soybeans. Soybeans are a complete vegetarian protein rich food. You can roast it or lightly cook it then can you this.

  • It has the great amount of fibre and potassium and protein also.
  • One cup of soybeans has 20-25 grammes of protein.

vegetarian protein rich foods lentils.
8. Lentils. Lentils are the biggest source of vegetarian protein rich foods in legumes categories. It is totally vegetable product.

  • Lentils have many types, out of that types pink lentils has the highest amount of protein and fibre.
  • Lentils’ 100 grams contains 20-25 grams of protein.


vegetarian protein rich foods peanuts.
7. Peanuts. Peanuts are a great source of polyunsaturated fat. Polyunsaturated fat is really great for your heart health.

  • It also has a great amount of protein.
  • Mostly people make butter of peanuts and then use it.
  • That’s why peanut butter is so widely used and popular among many peoples.
  • There are many hundreds of recipes that make peanut butter so popular and most used butter among children’s and all other age group peoples.
  • In 100 grammes of peanut butter, the amount of protein found is 25-30 grammes.
    You can use this peanut butter with anything like cake, smoothie, shakes, pancakes etc.

6. Milk. Milk is an animal product but it is widely used by many people as vegetarian protein rich foods.

  • So it is cleared that it is a great nutritional source for vegetarian persons.
  • Milk contains carbohydrate, fat, protein and many micronutrients.
  • You should try to avoid the fat you got from milk or milk products because it has saturated fat which is not good for you.
  • In 100 grammes of milk, the amount of protein is 20-26 grammes.

vegetarian protein rich foods almonds.
5. Almonds. Almonds are the best protein source among all other dry fruits.

  • It not only helpful for muscle building or fat loss but it is also a great source for brain health and mental health.
  • It has a huge amount of omega-3 fatty acids which directly helps you to improve memory and brain related problems.
  • The omega-3 fatty acids are really great for preventing the diseases like Heart attack, Cancer and brain stroke.
  • So we can see that by using only almonds can help your body in many ways.

How to use almonds?

  • You can use it in any kind or forms. You can make almond butter or can use almond milk or just as it is.
  • 25-30 grammes is the amount of protein found in 100 grammes of almonds.

vegetarian protein rich foods kidney beans.
4. Kidney beans. Among all other legumes and lentils and beans, kidney beans have the highest amount of protein.

  • It not just good for protein but it also has fibre which helps you to lose fat and build muscle.
  • Black kidney beans have more amount or fibre compare to red kidney beans.
  • It’s one cup contains 25-30 grammes of protein.

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3. Chickpeas. Chickpeas are the only vegetarian protein rich foods among all other high protein foods which we get from plants and vegetables.

  • It is considered that one cup of boil chickpeas and the same amount of meat are equal in protein amount.
  • The difference is just that chickpeas have also some amount of carbohydrate.
  • The ratio of carbohydrate and protein in chickpeas is 2.5: 1.
  • So 100 gramme of chickpeas contains 28-30 grammes of protein.

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vegetarian protein rich foods cottage cheese.
2. Cottage cheese (Paneer in Hindi). Cottage cheese is a milk product and has the great amount of fat and protein.

  • The type of protein found in cottage cheese is casein protein.
  • Casein protein is a slow digesting protein because it has fat associated with it.
    So the fat slows down the process of protein absorption
  • Cottage cheese’s 100 grammes contains 25-30 grammes of casein protein.
  • The best time to use cottage cheese is dinner because it can supply nutrients your muscle and tissues for the longer time through the night.


vegetarian protein rich foods whey protein.
1. Whey protein. This is the best protein in all of the protein sources.

  • This is also a milk product; to make 30 grammes of whey protein total 3-litre milk is used to prepare whey protein.
  • Whey protein biological value is highest among all other high protein foods.
  • This is not only used by persons who use only vegetarian protein rich foods but it every bodybuilder/fitness model or fitness freak uses whey protein powder supplement.
  • 30 grammes of whey protein powder contain 24-27 grammes of protein.
  • So it clear that why it is mostly used as vegetarian protein rich foods.


Things to remember before using vegetarian protein rich foods.

  • You should never use an excessive amount of vegetarian protein rich foods at once.
  • Excessive use of protein rich foods especially animal protein can result in heart diseases, osteoporosis, stroke and kidney stones.
  • If you are already patient of kidney diseases or heart diseases than you must consult your doctor before using high protein foods.
  • Protein absorption depends on muscle maturity so use only that much amount that your system can digest.

Images sources. Pixabay and Flickr.

Conclusion. So guys this all I wanted to share with you. It is believed that vegetarian can’t get enough protein by their food and I just wanted to break this myth.

Don’t feel bad for being a vegetarian or vegan.

These vegetarian protein rich foods can really full fill your body protein requirement.

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