Top 5 Protein Supplements Available In Market (You Should Know)

There are hundreds of protein supplements available in the market.when it comes to their use and popularity there is few protein supplement.which mostly used in daily I am giving you an idea about top 5 used protein supplement.

Now you must be thinking
Which one is best for me?
How to use that protein supplement?
What is the advantage of using that particular supplement?


Top 5 Protein Supplements



1. Whey Protein Powder:

whey protein supplements isolate
Whey protein is the most used protein is the most used supplement among all over the supplements. the reasons what makes whey protein most used supplement are
1. It is a high-quality protein supplement.
2.Whey Protein is very fast and easily digestible supplement.
3. It’s 100% natural, made from milk and has no side effect.
4. You can use it properly with anything (milk,water,shakes, oatmeal).
5. After workout shakes of whey protein helps you to recover fast.

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2. Casein Protein Powder:

Casine Protein Supplements Available In Market
It the second most used supplement among all over the protein supplement. like whey it is also made from the milk when liquid whey and yogurt are separated then, that yogurt part is used to make casine protein powder. Specifications of casine protein are
1.It is a slow digesting protein.
2.The reason for its slow digesting is that it has a certain amount of fat, and you should know that fat slows down the absorption of protein.
3.Its supply protein in your body at least for 5-6 hours.


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How to Use:
The best time to use casein protein is before bed.because it keeps supplying your body protein slowly, through the 8 hours can mix with milk, water or you can make pancakes.


3. Egg Protein Powder:

Protein Supplements In Powder Form Available In Market
After the whey and casein protein, egg protein powder is mostly used in the clear by its name egg protein powder is made by egg whites.

1.If you have lactose intolerance problem then egg protein powder is an option for you.but still egg protein powder can’t replace whey and casine protein powder.

2.If you think wisely it’s not good to buy egg protein powder because it cost you higher than egg whites. even if I have to select, I choose egg whites rather than buying egg protein powder.


4. Soy Protein Powder:

Protein Supplements Available In Market
Soy protein powder is most popular after whey,casine and egg protein powder. soy protein powder is mostly used by females or we can say that most of the users of soy protein are females. and they should use soy protein because
1.Soy protein increases the level of estrogen hormone, which is primary hormone for females.
2.Males should use limited soya protein(< 25 grams a day).because of it increases the estrogen level compare to testosterone level (primary male hormone) in your body, which is not good for you.
3.Testosterone is a primary male hormone which just not help for s*x drive,b ut also helps in muscle building and fat loss.


5. Protein Powder From Animal Sources:
This protein powder is made from animal sources like chicken, pork and other animal sources.this protein supplement is used by small group of peoples.I mean it doesn’t have a large market, only those persons use this supplement who is extremely non-vegan or non-vegetarian.

Using too much of animal protein can effect your body, as you know extreme meat or animal protein promotes to develop cancel cells in your body.

So, you should balance it with green leafy vegetables and antioxidants rich food.that will help you to stop growing cancer cells.

So, guys this was the quick brief about top protein supplements available in the market.

let me know if this article help you to improve your knowledge about supplements.Anything you want to share or ask feel free to ask via comments.

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