Top 10 Biggest Food and Nutrition myths that you need to Bust them all.

 There are various food and nutrition myths which are running all over the world. Especially in India, many people prevailed by these food and nutrition myths.

What we should eat, when to eat and how often to eat are such question which usually confuses most of the individuals.

Many people believe in such kind of myths because they sound like they could be true.

In this era of scientific knowledge and on the basis of that knowledge we can find the reason behind food and nutrition myths.

food and nutrition myths that you need to bust

Here we will discuss common food and nutrition myths which are still prevalent among many peoples.

Common food and nutrition myths

  1. Myth: The fat-free product helps to lose fat. This is one of the biggest food myths among the peoples.If you also think that fat-free labelled food items help to lose weight then you are thinking wrong.
  • If you take fat-free labelled products they can lead you to weight gain.  In fact, these foods have more calories.
  • Approximately, these products have almost same number of calories in comparison to other regular food.
  • Most of the peoples eat more quantity of labelled food under the misconception that it comprises of fewer calories.
  • However, those people take a total of more calories which can cause weight gain.


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  1. Eggs increase heart disease chances. Many people believe that eating eggs daily can cause heart disease.Because of cholesterol presented in eggs yolk.
  • There is no doubt that eggs are a great source of health.
  • An egg provides you various nutrients such as protein, vitamin A, B, D, zinc, iron, calcium, and phosphorus etc.
  • It is as per daily requirement of cholesterol by our bodies.

So, it will not affect our health if we take it in moderate quantity. You can use up to 2 or 3 egg yolk in a day.

  1. Starve yourself if you want to lose weight. This is the one of the biggest food and nutrition myth. I must tell you that this is not true at all.
  •     Eating a good diet is more important than not to eat when you are on a weight loss diet.
  • You should include such food items in your diet which increase your body metabolism.
  • So, there is no need to starve yourself if you to lose weight.


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  1. Drinking while eating makes you fat. This is also one of the food and nutrition myths of people.
  • The actual fact behind this misconception is that enzymes and their digestive juices will be diluted by drinking water while eating.
  • It will slow down your digestion which may lead to excess body fat.
  • In reality, there is a scientific fact that drinking water while eating helps to digest food.
  • But water should not be consumed in large amount; you can take it to a moderate level.


  1. Protein powder supplement harms your kidney. This is also one of the biggest food and nutrition myths of people.
  • A person who has no knowledge of protein supplements says that it will harm your body.
  • Whey protein supplement made of milk and there is no single such report that says whey protein harms your body.
  • Food and nutrition myths about whey protein supplement make many peoples to not to use it.


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  1. Never drink milk after eating fish.  Many people believe that you should not take milk immediately after eating fish.
  • They said that this will make you sick. Some person says that spots can appear on your skin.
  • But you should know that there is no scientific reason in taking milk immediately after eating fish.
  • Indeed these products may be taken together. So don’t believe these kinds of food and nutrition myths.
  • You can take it; there is no problem at all.


  1. Workout makes you eat more. As we all know that exercise burn calorie which may increase your hunger.
  • Research studies in this field have not shown that the person who do exercise, Consume more calories.
  • Compare to the person who doesn’t work out.
  • It’s a completely food and nutrition myths.


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  1. Potatoes and rice make you fat. When it comes to food and nutrition myths this is also a reason for peoples to avoid rich carbohydrate food.
  • Yes, it is the partial truth but it’s not the complete truth at all.
  • It depends on how and when you use rich carbohydrate food.
  • If you take rich crab food in dinner in an excessive amount, it will definitely make you fat.
  • Carbohydrate is your main energy source, so rich carbohydrate will not directly affect your body weight.
  • But you should use sweet potatoes, Brown rice instead of white potatoes and white rice.
  • It’s clear that this is a complete food and nutrition myths, you can use potatoes and rice but when should you use.

Time for using rich carbohydrate food

  • You can use rice and potatoes in
  1. Breakfast
  2. Lunch
  3. After workout
  • But never use before going to bed.


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  1. Don’t take sugar if you have diabetes problem. This food and nutrition myth is for those peoples who have a disease like diabetes and believe in this kind of thought.
  • This is only a partial truth.
  • In diabetes, your body function of producing glucose and insulin is not in the balance level, so you have to not just avoid sweets but also avoid high carbohydrate food.
  • To maintain that balance of glucose and insulin.
  • This is one of the food and nutrition myths among the peoples.


  1. Frozen meat and chicken are healthier as fresh meat. There are many people who use frozen chicken and meat products in their diet.
  • Thinking of it is as healthier as fresh meat.
  • That’s also one of the big food and nutrition myths.
  • By the process of frozen, there are many free radicals developed in meat or chicken over the time.
  • Those free radicals promote the cancer cell to develop in your body which later developed into cancer.
  • So, believing that frozen meat and chicken are healthier as fresh meat is completely food and nutrition myths.

In the end, guys, these all the main top 10 food and nutrition myths that I wanted to share with you.

Hope you will learn from this article, I always said that choose your food and nutrition by your choice not by the suggestion of any person.

Or if you can’t choose your food and nutrition by yourself then consult to a nutritionist.

Or you can ask me and it’s absolutely free. 😀

But don’t believe in this kind of food and nutrition myths if anybody tells you to do this.

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