What is steroid and what are the steroid side effects?(detailed info)

Every person wants to look muscular and owns six pack abs, many of them try to achieve that goal by using steroids.without getting the proper knowledge of steroid side effects. That ‘s the reason of every problem that they are facing.

In this article we are going to learn that:
1 What are steroids & how it works?
2 Steroid side effects.
3 Things to remember, if you are thinking about go with steroids(even after knowing the side effects of steroids.)


What Is Steroid:
Basically, the steroid is a drug.it is a synthetic(man-made) hormone.mostly it is used to increase testosterone level in your body.
Testosterone Increases the rate of protein synthesis in your body.which helps to build muscle fast and losing fat in your body.
You see the huge growth in physical strength and stamina by taking steroids.
But this change will not stay same all the time as you stop taking steroids, it starts harming your body.


Steroid Side Effects:

steroid side effects details
1 Once the synthetic hormone injected into your body, the body stops producing testosterone naturally.
2 By taking testosterone steroid, you shut down your body’s ability to produce testosterone naturally.
3 It effects your mental health as result you becomes aggressive and starts feeling depression and anxiety.
4 The estrogen level in body increases too much that can cause gynecomastia which causes
Male Breast growth.
5 soreness and lumps in nipples.
6 Steroids increase the LDL (bad cholesterol) level in your body that cause you heart problems.
7 Steroids releases toxins in your liver which that can be the reason of liver failure.
8 Because of the zero or low testosterone production in your body, you will faces problems like decreased sperm count, shrinking of testicles and altered libido.
9 Steroids increase the blood pressure in your body which is directly related to kidney, so it also harms indirectly your kidney.
10 Over testosterone level in your body can cause hair loss and male patten baldness.

Here You can see guys, Steroid Side Effects list is much longer than its benefits list.so think 10 times before you start using steroids.

If you are still thinking of going with steroids then you must follow these things to avoid Steroid Side Effects:

1. Consult Your Doctor:
It is very important to consult your doctor before using steroids.as you know steroids are all about the drug.your doctor has the better knowledge of drug and its side effect and how to use it.
2. Balance Diet:
A perfect balanced diet is a key to your goal.balanced diet having balanced calories from protein, carbohydrates and fat.diet can be adjusted according to your goal. ex- bulking, cutting or a recomposition.
3. Proper Training:
A great workout training program is a must for desire muscle growth.it should be according to your fitness level and your goal.training experience of 6 months is a must for first steroid cycle.
4. Proper Post Cycle Therapy:
It is very important to have post cycle therapy because it helps your body to produce testosterone naturally.
PCT re-regulate hormonal level, normalise the increased estrogen level in your body.
Pct generally contains serm(selective estrogen receptor modulator ) too.

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