How to stay motivated all the time. (Motivation techniques for athletes)

Hey, guys today I will share the ultimate motivational techniques that help to work harder and stay motivated.

But first, let’s talk about motivation definition.

Motivation means to be inspired to do something. Motivation is one of the main psychological factors which affect the performance.

The term motivation comes from the word “motive”. The motive is a combination of thought, feeling or condition that causes one to act.

Motivation techniques for athletes to stay motivated all the time.

Motive can be for a short period or can be for a longer one. In this article, we will learn motivation techniques that will help us.

The definition of motivation is to give reason, enthusiasm or interest that causes a specific action or certain behavior.

Human behavior is controlled, directed and modified through certain motives. Motivation is that force which incites individuals to perform some activates.

Motivation is that force which incites any person to perform some activities. It also determines the individual’s direction of action and his intensity of action.


Types of motivation techniques


  • Various motivation techniques are applied in sports, which can enable them to achieve the top positions in their sport.


  • Motivation is not enough to success in sport for an athlete. He must also have the requisite health, size, skill, intelligence, opportunity and field forces.


  • If any athlete acquires these traits, through proper motivation, he will be able to perform amazing and achieve great things.


There are two types of motivation techniques:

  1. Intrinsic motivation techniques. Intrinsic motivation techniques are internal. It occurs when people are compelled to do something out of pleasure, importance or desire. Motivation is always intrinsic when the force comes from inside.
  • Example- when a person indulges in any sport to have mastery, to display superiority or to gain social approval, is an intrinsic motivation.
  1. Extrinsic motivation techniques. Extrinsic motivation techniques are external. It comes from some outside or external factors, positive or negative produce a behavioral change.
  • Reward, punishment, praise, blame or cash prize are an example of extrinsic motivation.
  • The extrinsic motivation techniques are considered to be more powerful compared to other motivation techniques.

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motivation techniques quotes by mike tyson

Techniques of motivation

  1. Goal setting. Goal setting is one of the most important motivation techniques especially for athletes. If you do not set a goal, you cannot achieve a great position in your life.
  • The athlete should be encouraged to set few goals but achievable long-term goals. You should set your goal according to your capabilities and capacities.
  • For example, if an athlete gets a position in world championship or Olympics.  Then he should set medium term and short term goals for getting positions at Asian games or commonwealth games.
  • Goals should be monitored on a regular basis. The approach towards to achieve a goal should be flexible and according to capacities of an athlete.


2. The arrangement of competition.  The arrangement of sports competitions plays a very significant role in motivation.

  • The athlete performs better in competition if there are good arrangements of competition.
  • Without good arrangement of competitions, good athletes also cannot perform well in such kind of competitions.


Solid motivation techniques for athletes to stay motivated all the time.


3. Opposite sex presence. Opposite sex plays a vital role in motivation. Usually, girls are motivated by the presence of boys, whereas boys are motivated by the presence of girls.

  • It’s really funny but it’s the human nature. Girls or boys both try to be smart, active in the presence of opposite sex. 😀 (this motivation techniques really works)


4. Public (visitors). The people who come to watch competitions are also a very motivating factor for performance. But performance depends upon the experience and athlete maturity.

  • If a new athlete participates in competitions which are full of visitors, then he will not be able to perform better in comparison to experienced athlete.


5. Verbal comments. Various factors of motivation are applied at various stages. Verbal comments should be applied during competition.

  • Experienced players are not generally motivated by verbal comments, whereas, beginners are motivated by this factor.
  • Verbal comments should be used immediately.
  • As it is said hit the iron when it is hot.
  • In the same way, verbal comments should be used at the appropriate time.

motivation techniques to stay motivated for sport.



  1. Analysis of results. A person, who has the knowledge of his progress, will learn more rapidly than an equally motivated learner of comparable ability, who is working in the dark.
  • There is a popular thing said that a person does not know where he is standing cannot reach his destination.
  • Knowledge of progress is a must because progress is also a reward in itself.
  • The coaches of athletes should have separate records of results and these results should be shown and discussed in a positive manner with the athlete.


  1. Motivational music. It is particularly a good way to motivate sportspersons in training and prior to competition but it should be an inspirational one.
  • Fast music during circuit training and slow music after training are allowed. It is being used particularly in indoor games in western countries.
  • It increases work output and reduces stress.



Motivation techniques for athletes to stay motivated



  1. Surrounding environment. A good sports environment plays very vital role in motivating the athletes.
  • A great sports environment consists of good climate, proper weather, normal humidity, proper temperature, smooth and clean sports fields.
  • These are the few things in which an athlete can perform better.


  1. Positive attitude. A positive attitude is one of the biggest motivation techniques. The coaches should try to encourage positive attitude among sportspersons.
  • There is one specific mindset of I can do it should be followed by athletes.
  • They should keep in their mind that training is not enough you must do perfect training.
  • Champions’ feet and hand are not made up of gold; they are made of bones and flesh.
  • So you can also be a champion by following this motivation techniques.


amazing motivation techniques for athletes to stay motivated all the time.


  1. Positive self-talk.  Self-talking is such a motivation technique that can be used to enhance motivation. Proper repetition of self- talk can change a sportsperson’s belief system.
  • The American boxer Floyd may weather used to apply his technique to his opponents. He calls himself the best ever and his opponents believed that.
  • That is the reason that he never lost in his professional boxing career.


  1. Professional help. Professional help from a therapist may also be useful. You can learn to focus on your strengths as well as develop healthier thinking.
  • If you have negative body image and very low self-esteem then you should contact to a therapist or a guidance counselor for help.


  1. Giving compliments about good things done by you. This motivation technique is also one of the important techniques for motivation.
  • Give compliments to yourself that you really have done good things. By doing such things helps you to motivate yourself.


So, guys, this was the few motivation techniques that we discussed, these motivation techniques play an important role in motivating an athlete towards the goal.

  • It depends on coaches to know which motivation technique is more applicable on the athlete.



motivation techniques explained by kaushal kumar.


Best motivational quotes for athletes or other people for inspiration.

Guys here are my favorite motivational videos






  • Training is not enough you must do perfect training.


  • No pain no gain.


  • Train insane or always remain same.


  • A person who does not know where he is standing cannot reach to his destination.


  • Every athlete trains but only champions know how to win.


  • Champions never quit.


  • Those 100 things can’t make sense which you practiced once but that once thing make everything perfect which you practiced 100 times.


  • Champions are not made in the gym they made of something they have something deep inside them- a desire, a dream, a vision.


  • Going in one more round when you don’t think you can- that’s what makes all difference in your life.


  • One who is not enough courageous to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.


  • A successful person is an average person with laser-like focus.


  • Talk to yourself once a day otherwise you will miss meeting an excellent person in the world.

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