What are the side effects of sports energy drinks on health? Details.

Sports energy drinks side effects on health can become a huge issue for your health if you are not aware of its harmful effects.

There is a huge number of amateur athletes you are using sports drinks and supplements without knowing sports energy drinks side effects on health.

That’s why they are facing various issues related to health and struggling with it.

In this article, we are going to discuss everything about Sports energy drink and its side effects.


Sports energy drinks side effects

Let’s talk about what sports drink is and why many athletes use it?

  • An energy drink for sports or any other physical workout works as an energy booster, as we know that when you perform physical exercise there is a loss of water, salt and electrolyte in our body through sweating.
  • So to restore that loss of water, salt and electrolyte in our body energy drinks are used.
  • There are many natural energy drinks but they don’t work fast as the sports energy drinks.
  • That’s why they are widely used by many peoples.

There are many types of recovery drinks in market which are

1. Energy drinks contain caffeine in their composition.

2. Sports drink based on protein amount in their composition.

3. Some have many several vitamins and creatine in their composition.

4. Pre- workout drinks for sports.

5. Post workout recovery drink.

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⇒  What chemical elements a sports drink has?

  • Generally, the most used element that is used in energy drinks is caffeine and sugar. These are the elements that restore the loss of electrolytes quickly.
  • Some recovery drinks contain creatine in their composition.
  • BCAA is also a widely used chemical element in various recovery drinks for sports.
  • Amino acids that our body can’t produce are the main chemical elements of sports drink or energy drinks.
  • These amino acids are called unessential amino acids.
  • But this can become dangerous if it is used regular several times in a day.

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Question. The difference between sports energy drinks and natural energy drink?

Answer. When we talk about natural energy drinks for recovery of the body there are mainly coconut water and lemon water, orange juice and fruit juices.

  • These drinks contain natural sources that restore the loss of electrolytes in our body.
  • The only difference is that a number of nutrients found in sports recovery drinks are higher than natural energy drinks.

Some advantages of sports energy drinks.

  • A person who is highly active in sports and does regular training for 5-6 hours really loses the important minerals from his body.
  • This is the point where sports recovery drinks help him recover and restore the lost electrolytes and important minerals from his body.
  • Some very important nutrients for our body that we don’t get through our food can get by sports drink and recovery supplements.
  • Fast recovery in sports helps to perform better so it can be said that recovery drinks indirectly helps our sports performance.

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Sports energy drinks side effects on health.

  • There are many sports energy drinks side effects on health if it is not used in proper way. It can affect various body functions.
  • Side effects of energy drinks on various body functions are.

⇒  Effect on the heart. The level of caffeine and sugar used in a sports drink is really high and overusing that high level of caffeine is really bad for your heart.

  • As we know that high level of caffeine increases the level of blood pressure that is directly related to heart and that’s how our heart is affected by high caffeine level.
  • Not just caffeine but the creatine presented in sports drink also affects the heart health. If it is overused.

⇒  Effect on kidney and liver. The creatine and many several multivitamins found in energy drinks create heavy chemical reactions in your digestion system.

  • If you overuse these drinks than the overused quantity can’t digest by your digestion system.
  • Hence there is a heavy risk of kidney or liver related problems.
  • Niacin found in these drinks disturbs your liver functioning

The university of Florida conducts a study on the sports energy drinks side effects and they found how these drinks affect humans body functioning.

  • They conduct a test on a 50-year-old person who uses sports drink daily 4 to 5 times.
  • After using those drinks for more than 3 weeks he was getting problems like vomiting, stomach problems, and diarrhea.
  • It was found that certain enzymes that damage the liver were found in his liver.
    Not only was this in fact chronic hepatitis c found in his liver.
  • This thing shows that these sports energy drinks side effects your health badly.

Sports energy drink side effects on children.

Dental problems. Kids who use these sports drink daily faces various dental problems.

The heavy sugar presented in the soda or energy drinks causes all these various dental problems.

Obesity. The high level of sugar and calorie available in soda or energy drinks causes obesity because those unnecessary calories turn into as fat and make a person obese.

Doping issue. If you are an athlete and use sports energy drinks on regular basis without checking its quality and ingredient then there can be chances of doping.

  • You should know that there are several fake products in the market that use illogical steroids in their product.
  • Those products will not only harm your health but also there is a chance of doping.
  • That later creates a problem for your career in future.

⇒  How to use these drinks without Sports energy drink side effects.

  • You will not be affected by these drinks until you use it in a safe way and properly.


Pre workout. You can use these drinks before 20-30 minutes of your workout around 150-200 ml.

During workout. If you are in a sport which is highly active like running, boxing, cycling then you can use theses drinks during your workout.

After workout. It is the most important part where you can use those drinks.

  • If you are in a sport like bodybuilding or weight lifting then protein must be available in your post workout recovery drink.
  • Mainly BCAAs and creatine and caffeine are the energy drink ingredients which responsible for the quick energy boost.

 Conclusion about sports energy drinks side effects.

Remember one thing all these drinks are safe until you to overuse this. Don’t overuse this thinking of extra energy boost.

So, guys, this was all I wanted to share about sports energy drinks side effects and how can you use the energy drinks without any side effects.


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