Side effects of extremely low-calorie diet for weight loss(pitfalls of dieting).

Diet for weight loss is that thing that everybody chooses without any advice from the doctor. Everyone wants to own a ripped and lean body.

Many persons who are overweight also want to lose weight. They try many methods to lose weight.

Many of them try diet for weight loss or they cut daily calorie requirement for weight reduction.


In the beginning, extreme weight loss diet produces good results or success. But after some weight reduction, they added, more weight on the body.

In this article, we are going to discuss everything about

  • Diet for weight loss (The real truth)

  • Side effects of extremely low-calorie diet for weight loss.
  • What should the right calorie in a meal or diet for weight loss?
  • The right way of nutrition and diet for weight loss plans for men and women.


Studies have proven that 85% of dieters gain their all weight back or even gain more weight after a short time of dieting.


The major dangers of a low-calorie diet for weight loss:


  1. Reduction of daily calorie requirement. Many persons take very low-calorie diet for weight loss in a day.

If any person does not get the minimum amount of calorie (1800 cal.) For daily usual work. He/she risks to their health a lot.


  • Yes, it’s true that extreme reduction makes huge weight loss but it’s not the right way to weight loss.
  • It lowers your body metabolism which can affect your body overall health.


  1. Nutrition deficiency.  Generally, nutrients like fats and carbohydrates are restricted in dieting. And these nutrients are also very important for your body.

Diet for weight loss is the biggest thing for weight loss.


  • If the body didn’t get these nutrients in enough amounts it will definitely hurt your body proper functioning.


Example- If you don’t take carbohydrate in required amount, you will feel exhausted all the time.

And if you don’t take fat in required amount it will hurt working of your internal organs.


  1. Not doing exercises. If you are on diet for weight loss and do not exercise properly it will not work for you. Instead of losing weight you are likely to gain weight.


low calorie diet for weight loss(pitfalls of dieting)


  • Physical exercise has a positive effect on metabolism and also helps to burn some extra calories.
  • Exercise increases the metabolic rate in your body which ultimately helps you to lose weight.
  • So a diet for weight loss is helpful along with physical activity and daily exercise.




  1. Misconceptions about calories. Most of the people who try dieting for fat loss Underestimate the number of calories they take in their diet.
  • It’s very important to be aware of your daily calorie intake in your diet.
  • You should not consume very low or very high calories in a day for weight loss.


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  1. Skipping meals.  If your body has good metabolic rate then you maintain or lose weight as you wanted. If your body weight is very low then you can gain weight very easily. It’s all depending on your body metabolic rate.
  • But if you skip your meals in a day it will lower your metabolic rate conserve energy.
  •  Skipping meals works against your weight loss or weight gain goal.
  • Researchers and studies also showed that if you skip one meal in a day, next time you will eat a lot more that will add extra weight to your body.


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  1. Intake of labelled foods. If you want to lose your weight, most probably you stress on not to eat more and not on what you drink.
  • Beverages, coffee with cream and sugar, sweetened juices and sodas really contribute to weight gain.


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  1. Consuming labelled food. Many persons who go on diet for weight loss usually go for such food products that carry the label ‘lean’, ‘sugar-free’, ‘low calories’ or ‘fat-free’ food.
  • These products are not always the best for losing the weight. It does not meet all the requirement of your body.


Example– Two cookies contain 100 calories whereas two sugar-free cookies contain 85 calories. As you can see the difference is very low.

  • And if you are consuming these products too much thinking that it will not affect your weight than you are thinking wrong.


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Now when it comes to meal and diet plans for weight loss. You must follow calorie deficit diet for losing weight.


  • I am sure, you must be thinking what is calorie deficit diet?


Question. What is calorie deficit diet?

Answer. Calorie deficit diet is that diet where your calorie intake in a day is lower compares to your total amount of burn calories.


  • That’s meaning is that you are burning more calories compare to total consumed calorie.


Example. You take 2000 calories in a day and you burns 2200 calories through your workout. That means that you are on calorie deficit diet schedule.



Diet plans for weight loss 

 complete detail of diet for weight loss for men.


For Vegetarian Persons


After Workout: Protein shakes (Whey protein+ 200 ml water). 

Meal 1: Oatmeal (mix with whey protein powder) + 1 multivitamin pill+ 1 orange. 

Meal 2: Roasted chickpeas+ 15-20 almonds+ 1 Cup non-fat yogurt. 

Meal 3:  Green leafy salad + Boiled chickpeas + 1 cup non-fat yoghurt. 

Meal 4: Brown bread tots+ peanut butter/peanuts OR same as Meal 2. 

Meal 5: Backed sweet potatoes + cooked chick peace + green leafy salad. 

Meal 6: 1 cup yogurt + 25gm peanuts/almonds.



For Non-Vegetarians


After Workout: Protein shakes (Whey protein+ 200 ml water).


Meal 1: Oatmeal (mix with whey protein powder) + 1 multivitamin pill. 

Meal 2(11-11.30am): 5 Egg white omelette + 1 apple. 

Meal 3: 100gm Chicken breast/5 boiled egg whites + Green salad. 

Meal 4: 5 Egg white omelette + 1 apple/orange OR same as Meal 2.

 Meal 5: 100gm Chicken breast/5 Egg white with 2 whole eggs + Green leafy salad.

 Meal 6: 1 cup Non-fat yogurt + 2 whole eggs.


Conclusion.  So in the end guys, I just want to say that there is no any such kind of shortcut that gives you the results as you wanted.

Same with the diet for weight loss thing, only your hard work, and dedication and diet for weight loss plan that has given you can help you to achieve your goal.

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