How to achieve and maintain healthy body weight (15 Ways to do it)

Healthy body weight meaning.

A healthy body weight is that weight at which any person can live life without any risk of diseases. Or we can say that a healthy weight is considered between 19 to 25 BMI.

  • If the BMI is in Between 25-29 an adult is considered overweight.
  • If the BMI is 30 or more then 30, the person is considered to be obese.

Calculate BMI=  Weight (in kilograms)/height*height (in meter)

So, basically, healthy body weight is that weight which lowers the risk for various health problems such as high blood pressure, heart diseases and diabetes etc.



how to maintain healthy body weight all the time.


Methods to achieve healthy body weight

If you are overweight or underweight and want to achieve a healthy weight then you must follow these points.

  1. Set your goal. For achieving desired weight you should set your goal first.Example- how much weight do you want to gain or lose?
  • Your goal should be achievable and according to your capabilities.
  • Set your goal for a fixed time period like 3-4 weeks.


  1. Cut your calories. If your body weight exceeds the required level. It is a simple plan to follow.
  •  Just cut 100-200 calories per day and you will be able to get back your goal.


  1. Active lifestyle. Active lifestyle plays a major role to maintain weight. There are many basic things in active lifestyle like using steps instead of using lift or elevator.
  • Do not watch television more than 2 hours a day.
  • Take part in outdoor games with your kids.


4.Get in touch with other people. Get in touch with other people who are also working hard on losing weight or gaining weight. The there company may motivate you to achieve your goal.

  • If you promise to meet regularly a partner in the gym is also a great way to stick to a workout routine.


  1. Yoga exercises. maintain healthy body weight with yoga.

If you don’t have enough time to go to the gym then yoga can help you a lot maintain your weight.

  •  Stress is one of the biggest things that make you unhealthy and yoga meditation helps to decrease it.
  • Pranayama and yogic asanas can help you to achieve healthy body weight.
  • Researchers have proved that stress and tension tend to increase weight. Meditative asanas are very beneficial for decrease stress.


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  1. Avoid fatty food. If you want to lose or maintain weight, you should avoid fatty food in your diet. Fats have a maximum number of calories.
  •  So avoid them to maintain weight.


  1. No junk or fast food. Fast food like pizza, burger, chips, cookies, pastry, chocolate and cold drinks. They have the very rich amount of sugar and calories.
  • This kind of food makes you overweight and fatty.


  1. Stop overeating. To maintain a healthy weight, you should not overeat. It means that you should eat the food according to the requirement of your body.
  • Suppose your body require 1500 calories per day and you take 2000 calories per day so that extra 500 calories makes you fatty.
  • You should know that Excess amount of calories turned into fat.


  1. Don’t take rich carbohydrate food. To lose weight, avoid rich carbohydrate food. There is a different type of carbohydrate food.
  • Carbohydrate is important to increase the energy level in your body. You should take carbohydrate in moderate amount.
  • So you should avoid rich carbohydrates like white rice, sugar, potatoes, toffees, chocolates and sweets.


  1. Never Skip meals. Don’t skip your meals like, such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you skip your meals, the next time you will definitely do overeating.
  •  Overeating leads you to overweight and obesity.


  1. Avoid alcohol, smoking. Alcohol is directly absorbed from the stomach in the blood vessels and easily stored as fat.
  • So always remember that alcohol and smoking make you overweight.


  1. Regular exercise and physical workout. Exercise helps you burn calories that help you to maintain healthy body weight.
  • If you don’t work out and burn calories then that calories stored as fat in your body.
  • Researchers studies showed that regular aerobic workout or strengthening exercise for at least 50 min to 1 hour, combined with healthy eating habits, is the most effective way to control weight.
  • Cardio workout is the fastest way to burn calories. So you can also do cardio workout to burn calories.


  1. Change habit of eating frequently. You should not form a habit of eating frequently. The kids who eat frequently usually take extra calories. Therefore, they become obese.
  • Stop eating frequently for losing and maintaining healthy body weight.


  1. Lay stress on health, not on weight. You should lose weight for health rather than look. Make efforts to achieve or maintain a body mass index in between the range of 18.5 and 24.9.
  • If you are a male your waist should measure less than 40 inches.
  • For females, waist should measure less than 35 inches.
  •         If your body mass index or waist goes beyond these limits you may have to face various diseases. So try to maintain these limits for healthy body weight.


  1. Calorie intake and expenditure should be balanced. Balancing your calorie intake and expenditure helps you to achieve healthy body weight.
  • To implementing it, try not to eat more calories than your body burns every day.
  • If you take more calories than you need, the excess calories are stored as fat and you become overweight.
  • Too much stored fat raises your body mass index and makes it hard to achieve your goal.
  • When you take more calories than you require doing your day’s activities, your body stores the extra calories and as a result of that, you gain weight.
  • You lose weight when you take less number of calories than calories you burned.
  • Body weight remains same when your calorie intake and total burning calories are in the same amount.


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Healthy body weight chart:

This chart is all about the normal level of height and body weight.

You can match your height and body weight and check your health level.

healthy body weight chart for female in detail.


healthy body weight chart for men in detail according to height.


So guys, in the end, I just want to say that it is easy to lose weight and achieve healthy body weight for once or short period of time but it is very hard to maintain it for a long time.

It requires a strong willpower, hard work, and dedication to achieve healthy body weight.


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