How To Lose Lower Belly Fat (Step By Step Guide).

Losing fat from lower belly is the biggest task that any obese person this article, we are going to learn about what we can do to lose lower belly fat.

If you are a kind of person who spending 10-15 minutes on sit-ups and all those crunches, thinking of losing fat then my friend you are just wasting your time and energy.
You messing up your abdominal muscles which later you cause a hernia and other serious problems.


Important things for losing lower belly fat:


Not getting proper nutrition is the biggest mistake that most of the people do and they don’t realize that mistake.that’s why they can’t get rid of fatty stomach.
If you want a flat stomach or a lean/ripped body then nutrition will play a major role in your transformation.


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 Soild tips for losing lower belly fat.

Steps to follow for losing lower belly fat


Step 1: Eat Green
Yes, must eat green leafy you know green vegetables are high in fiber, vitamin and minerals.that keep your stomach full and you don’t feel hungry.
you should add raw vegetables like cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber, carrot in your diet. you can make a salad of these vegetables.


Step 2: Less Carbohydrate
Cut the carbohydrate that you are taking in a day.if you are an obese guy then you have to Decrease the calories you are taking from carbohydrates.
because for loose that fat you have to take calorie deficit diet. in which you have to take minimum carb as possible.


Step 3: Increase Protein Intake
You have to increase the protein intake in your need protein to build your muscle that you broke in the gym. remember protein absorption depends on muscle matureness. so, don’t take too much of calories from protein if you are a beginner.


Step 4: Add Cardio In workout Schedule
Cardio burns much more calorie compares to other exercises, add sprinting for short 40-50 meter in your workout. do at least 3-4 times cardio in a week.
If you have a problem with running don’t do that, do other activity like jumping rope, climbing stairs, cycling these workouts are also great cardio exercises.


Step 5: Drink 3-4 liter Water a day
You must drink 3-4 liter water in a day, water is one the most important thing for your digestion system. water pushes nutrients into blood, you should know that blood carry all the nutrients.that supplies nutrients to your muscle, ligaments, and all organs.


Step 6: Train core 4 times a week
You should train your core 4 times in a week but don’t spend more than 7-8 minutes on core workouts.


Some frequently asked questions about Losing Lower Belly Fat:

Question 1. How fat occurs on our body?
Answer-The excess amount of calories turn into fat and that fat occurs first on stomach and belly then waist line and then that fat comes on the face.

Question 2. My weight is 1oo kg(220.462 lbs), can I build six pack abs?
Answer- Absolutely yes.

Question 3. I am working hard for last 3-4 months for losing fat, but not getting results.what should I do?
Answer: Fix your nutrition, Nutrition is a real fat burner.

Question 4. Is there any side effect of working too much on core muscles?
Answer: yes, too much woking on the core can tear your core muscles, which later on cause you hernia.there is also the risk of poor posture and spine pain by doing too much core workout.

Question 5. How long I can train my core muscles?
Answer: Maximum 7-8 min. workout on the core is sufficient, but there should be no break in between workouts.

Question 6. Is there any short and fast way to Lose Lower Belly Fat?
Answer: NO, THERE IS NO SHORTCUT. HARDWORK and Dedication are the only way to get rid of Lower Belly Fat.

So, guys, these are some basic questions about losing Lower Belly Fat.
Conclusion :
Guys, it takes hard work and dedication to become a fit guy from a fat is not an overnight process, it takes time. there is no shortcut for losing Lower Belly Fat .only thing is a dedication to your goal.
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