How to Improve correct body posture? Step by step guide.

Correct body posture means the balancing of the body inaccurate and proper manner while sitting, standing, reading, and writing or during any other action of the body.

The foremost impression of a person is gathered from how he stands sits and walks.


⇒ What is the meaning of correct body posture?

  • A posture in which whole body weight remains on both feet without any effort and the entire body appears to be in a vertical line.
  • In the right body posture, all the limbs perform their functions efficiently.
  • Body posture depends on your activity and it changes according to your activity.
  • In a correct body, posture body remains balanced and produce less fatigue.
  • Right body posture may also be defined as that assumed position which enables the body to perform or function effectively.

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The concept of correct body posture.

Human body continues faces gravity force. Even during the sleeping hours, we may change our positions a number of times to avoid discomfort.

  • This discomfort is because of pressure on the soft tissues between the bony structures and the supporting surface upon which the body is resting.
  • There is no such posture that can negate the gravity force.
  • A person spends much energy in the maintenance of his antigravity, dynamic postures.
  • If the antigravity muscles do not have sufficient strength and endurance, certain negative changes may occur.
  • Due to this, there may be less flexibility.  Normal functioning will be inhibited, which may, in turn, encourage additional undesirable changes.


There is no one single best posture for all the persons. Each person must take the body he has and makes the best use of it.

  • For each person, the best posture is that in which the body parts are balanced in the position of least strain and maximum support.


There are especially two main postural positions.

Correct body posture for standing.

  1. Correct posture of standing. In the standing posture, both the heels of the feet should meet each other. Toes of the feet should be 3 to 4 inches apart.
  • The whole body should be erect, straight knees, chin inside, chest forward, belly backward and pressed inside with equal body weight on both feet.
  • In this position, the complete body should be balanced.
  • From the side, the line of the center of gravity must pass through the ear, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle.
  • In such a position the muscles and ligaments remain free of stress.


  1. The right posture of sitting. When we sit in a chair, our hips should be as far back in the chair as possible.
  • Head, spinal column, shoulder, and hips should be in straight line and erect. Legs should touch the ground and not in hanging position.
  • If we read, the book should be on the table but the book should not be too away or near the eyes.
  • The distance between book and eyes should be at least 30cms.
  • If the distance the not right or proper that it can hurt our eyes and affect our eyesight.

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There are mainly 5 types of postural deformities because of bad posture.

  1. Spinal Curvature
  1. Flat Foot
  1. Knock Knees
  1. Bow Legs
  1. Round Shoulders

In this article, we will talk about the most postural deformities called cervical kyphosis.

We will also talk about

  • What is kyphosis?
  • Kyphosis definition.
  • Kyphosis symptoms.
  • Treatment for kyphosis and posture exercises.

But first, let’s talk about spinal curvature postural deformities.

  • Spinal curvature. This type of deformity is related to the spine. This deformity is caused by carrying excessive weight beyond capacity.
  • In another way, we can that weak muscles cause the formation of spinal curvature.
  • The normal lumbar spine (lower section of spine) is characterized by a moderate anterior hyperextension curve when viewed laterally.

There are three types of spinal curvature deformities.

  • Kyphosis

Question. What is kyphosis? Give kyphosis definition.

Answer. Kyphosis means an increase or exaggeration of a backward or posterior curve or a decrease or reversal of a forward curve.

Or we can say that when our spinal curvature bent more in a backward curve that is called by Kyphosis.

⇒ Common kyphosis symptoms in human body

Fix kyphosis for correct body posture.

  • Round Upper back.
  • The decrease of the forward curve.
  • Depression of the chest.

⇒The Reasons Of Kyphosis.

  •  The main reason of kyphosis is malnutrition, illness, insufficient exercise etc. But it can be also caused by carrying heavy weights, doing work by leaning forward.

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  • If you do not follow the right things then kyphosis may begin to harm you.
  • You should follow the proper way of sitting, standing and walking so that your body posture will remain correct.
  • The proper exercises are not only helpful in maintaining the proper posture but also control the problem of kyphosis.
  • There are many posture correction exercises for correct body posture.

Follow these exercises to decrease the Kyphosis symptoms.

camel pose for correct body posture.

  1. The camel pose. There are several exercises in yoga that can really help to correct body posture.

And the camel pose in one of that exercise, so to do camel pose the steps are

  • First, lay down on your knees on the yoga mat.
  • Make your balance on knees properly, your knees should be in your shoulder line, your sole of the foot should facing the sea link.
  • Inhale and then bend your body slowly back in the curve way.
      • Hold 20 seconds then come in normal position.


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  1. Always keeps a pillow on your back while sleeping.

Correct body posture by bow pose.

  1. The bow pose. The bow pose is also a great exercise to fix Kyphosis. This asana is very similar to the camel pose but in this asana, you have to lie on the floor.
  • Follow the steps as you can see in this video.

So, guys, this was all about the how to fix kyphosis and kyphosis symptoms.

But you should know that why physical posture of the body is really important.

There are many advantages of correct body posture and right postures play a very important role in your overall development.

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Advantages of correct body posture.

  1. Improves look. Every person wants to have a good physical appearance. Your look is also an important part of your personality.
  • Physical appearance depends upon the posture of the person. This leaves the first impression upon others.
  • Spending too much money on medical service for body look is wastage of money; this work can be done by healthy diet and regular exercise.
  1. Physical fitness. Physical fitness is essential to living a fruitful life. Physical fitness can be achieved if you have good posture.
  • There are various factors depends on body posture. Balance, coordination, flexibility etc are the components of the physical fitness.
  1. Body efficiency. The erect, straight and vibrant body helps in the proper and efficient functioning of various organs.
  • Correct posture is important not only for physical appearance but also for the health.
  • From the health point of view, correct posture assists in reducing the back pain, headaches and spinal related problems.
  1. Prevents disorder and diseases. Poor body posture badly affects our functioning of the system.
  • Poor body postures can cause constipation, diarrhea, flatulence and decrease working efficiency of a person.
  • So correct body posture prevents low back pain, neck strain, constipation, diarrhea, disturbance in blood circulation and irritation.
  1. Change in mental health. Body posture affects the outlook of the body that is directly related to self-confidence, determination of an individual.
  • Self-confidence, happiness are the result of a good correct body posture.  Right body posture always boosts up self-confidence and self-esteem.
  1. Lowers the fatigue. Correct posture lowers the fatigue level in your body because all the systems of a person’s body work better because of perfect body posture.
  • The person feels less fatigue due to less stress on muscles and joints.
  1. Improves speech and motivation level. When your lungs and diaphragm works more perfectly and becomes more effective then it is a natural thing that you are able to speak more correctly.
  • That improves your speech capacity and motivation level.

Image Source. Wikimedia.

So, friends, this was all I wanted to share with you if you have any doubt about correct body posture any me via comments.

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