6 Best homemade weight loss detox drinks recipes to lose weight.

Homemade weight loss detox drinks not only help you to detox your body but it helps you also to lose weight. And homemade detox recipes for weight loss are far better than detox drinks available in the market.

Detox drinks are basically some herbal or plant-based drinks that have various antioxidants and tons of specialty that helps you to stay healthy.

In this article, we are going to discuss everything related to homemade weight loss detox drinks.

But first, let’s understand

Question-Why you need detox drinks?

Answer. In today’s world, the level of pollution is increasing day by day and that pollution in the form of water, air, food affecting the human body.homemade weight loss detox drinks to fix toxins.

  • A number of chemical substances in that pollution is heavy and it’s making huge toxins in the human body.
  • That chemical substance promotes the cancer cells and the free radical in the human body which develops various cancers like skin cancer, lung cancer and other diseases like asthma, heart diseases.
  • Not only the pollution but also the human’s lifestyle is responsible for developing cancer cells in the body.
  • Various junk foods, smoking cigarettes, make-up is one of the biggest reasons among women because makeup products are made of various chemicals.
  • That many chemicals are not good for the human skin and it goes inside your body through food or skin.
  • That’s really harmful to women and for everybody who applies lots of make-up.

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So to avoid that diseases we have taken some specific kind of food or nutrient that lowers the chances of diseases.

These detox drinks reduce the amount of free radical and cancer cells in the body that helps you to prevent all these diseases.

Question.What specialty of herbals or plants makes them anti-cancer?

Answer.Plants and herbs such as turmeric, black paper, Azadirachta indica (Neem), aloe Vera, cinnamon, lemon etc have a lot of anti-oxidants.

That’s why most of the medicine is made of using these herbs.

Popular homemade weight loss detox drinks

homemade weight loss detox drinks
1. Green tea. Green tea is made of the plant camellia Sinensis. The plant’s camellia Sinensis leaf’s used to make the green tea.

  • Dried leaf of camellia Sinensis’s is used as the green tee.
  • It is high in anti-oxidants; it helps to improve the body immune system.
  • It also helps you to prevent high blood pressure and heart diseases.

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⇒ How to use green tea?

  • You can use green tea in between your diet/food. You just need a boil water cup and dig green tea bag into it.
  • You can use up to 3-4 cups in a day.
  • It also has some amount of caffeine which helps your brain to improve focus which is great for you.
  • It has some amount of polyphones which helps you to prevent cavity in your teethes and protects your teethes.
  • Green tea increases the metabolic rate in your body that helps you to lose weight.

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Precaution- Do not use a flavored green tea, use any flavored organic green tea because it has much more benefits compare to a flavored green tea.

homemade weight loss detox drinks lemon water
2. Lemon Water. When it comes to homemade weight loss detox drinks then lemon water is one of the best detox drinks.

  • Lemon has the huge amount of vitamin c which helps you to improve your immune system and body health.
  • The lemon water and honey together has specifications that fix your sinus and sour throat problems.
  • A cough and cold problems can be prevented if you use lemon water on regular basis.
  • The vitamin C available in the lemon helps to grow your skin glow and fix darkness issue.
  • Lemon water is not only considered detox drink but it also considered one of the best weight loss drinks and fat burning drinks.

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You should use lemon with boiled water and don’t add any sugar or flavored power to make it tasty.

  • It is best to use it without any added sugar or flavor.

homemade weight loss detox drinks

3. Black tea. Black tea is also considered awesome homemade weight loss detox drinks because the vitamins and minerals found in black tea.

  • Black tea has vitamin b2, C, E and minerals like Mg, Potassium, and zinc.
  • It also has polyphones, caffeine which helps your brain to focus and improves memory.

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Some benefits of using black tea:

Beneficial for skin: Vitamin C and antioxidants presented in black tea helps to make skin softer.

  • The polyphones elements are known for anti-ageing effects so black tea drink helps you to look younger.
  • If your skin is affected because of sunburn, then you should apply cold black tea on affected skin surface, it helps your skin to heal faster.
  • You can also use cold black tea for face cleanser or makeup removal.
  • If shaving your skin hurts you and you feel inflammation then you can apply cold black tea after shave as an after shave lotion.

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4. Onion tea. You may have tried various teas available in the market but have you ever tried onion tea.

  • Onion tea is also one of the best homemade weight loss detox drinks.

According to European clinical nutrition journal onion tea has a very specific nutrient called quercetin.

  • Quercetin increases the number of anti-oxidants in the blood which helps your body in many ways.
  • Quercetin also prevents blood clot and prevents hypertension.

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  • Some specifications of onion tea:

a. Onion tea helps your antibody to fix free radicals in your body.

b. It has lots of soluble fiber that helps to control fat and keeps your digestive system clean.

c. If you have sleep disorder then you should try onion tea, it will defiantly help you to sleep disorder.

  • How to make onion tea?

Step-1: Chop the onions into small pieces then boiled them in water for 4-5 minutes.
Step-2: Add some lemon drops or you can add green tea bag.
Step-3: Now filter the unnecessary part and enjoy the homemade detox recipes for weight loss onion tea.

Precaution: Who should not use onion tea?

  • Pregnant women and the women who feed milk their child should not use onion tea.

⇒ Some other homemade detox recipes for weight loss

  • If you are not comfortable with various kind of tea I showed early in this post and you want to try something different.

Then there are lots of homemade weight loss detoxes drinks that you can try.

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Drink #1  Cucumber and ginger juice.

  • Ingredients: Water, chopped ginger, sliced cucumber, lemon, mint leaves.

Preparation: Pour water into a jar and put sliced lemon, ginger, cucumber and the mint leaves.

Keep it for at least 4-5 hour

Filter the drink and use this in morning or evening empty stomach.

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Drink #2  Tomato and carrot juice.

  • Ingredients: Tomatoes, carrots, beetroots, ginger.

Preparation method: Mix all the vegetables together in a blender.

    • Add a hint of ginger as well while blending the veggies.
    • You can add cucumber, lemon, and celery too for making it tastier.
    • But don’t add salt or any artificial sweetener into it.

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Drink #3 Turmeric Milk

Turmeric is a natural herbal which has great health benefits.

    • Using milk and turmeric not only helps your kidney to filter the blood but also helps your liver to improve its functions.
    • Hot milk and turmeric together burn the fat quickly stored in your body.
    • It resists a cough and flushes it out of your body.
    • Turmeric has anti-sinus effects so it is not only detox diet for a cleansing body but also improve your overall health as well.

Image source. Wikipedia

These are some homemade weight loss detox drinks that I mentioned in this article.

There are hundreds of detox drinks for weight loss available in the market but it is better to use homemade detox recipes for weight loss or cleansing body.

If you have any doubt or questions about homemade weight loss detox drinks, you can ask me via comments.

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