What Is Body Fat Percentage?Calculate Body Fat %(For Men and Women).

Body fat percentage is one of the unknown things in beginners.Basically, as it is cleared by its name body fat percentage is the percentage of fat on your body.

When you starting workout you should know that what percentage of body fat you have.Then set a goal to achieve that level of body fat in that time limit that you set.

In this article, we will not just talk about body fat but we will talk about how fat occur on your body and also
We will talk about

  • How To Calculate Body Fat %.
  • Calculate Body Fat % For Men.
  • And Calculate Body Fat % For Women.
  • Equation For Body Density for both Men And Women.
  • Ideal Body Fat % For Men And Women.
  • Why Overeating Makes You Fatty.

How Fat Occurs On Our Body.

Let’s talk about how fat occurs on our body, well when you take excess amount of calories and don’t workout to burn that calorie then that excess amount of calories turned into fat.

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Let’s talk in detail step by step

Stage 1: Everything you eat your body converts it into glucose that refuels the glycogen level.
Glycogen is a primary source of energy for your body.It stored in your muscle and your body use it as the fuel source.
Stage 2: When you eat too much food at one time then your body will produce much more glucose.That excess amount of glucose overfill the glycogen level and remaining glucose convert into fat.
Stage 3: Fat firstly occurs on your stomach then it comes on your waistline.After that fat comes in your face that’s why you look fatty.

How To Calculate Body Fat Percentage

Things Required:

measure body fat percentage using caliper


You should not spend too much money expensive digital measuring tool just buy a simple analog body fat % Calliper and there is a table with it which gives you details of body fat % of a particular number.
1. Calculate Body Fat % For Men:

The following three parts are measured for men or boys
A. Abdominal Skinfold:

measure body fat percentage for men
Take Caliper and pinch to your abdominal skinfold which is shown in the following pic.


B.Chest Skinfold:

step two for measure body fat percentage for men
Now pinch the middle of your chest skinfold as shown in the pic.


C. Leg Skinfold:

measure body fat percentage for men
Same repeat with legs as shown in the pic.But remember pinch middle of your quads muscles.

Now add the all three measured bodies fat % number and dived it by 3.


Abdominal Skinfold fat + Chest Skinfold fat+ Leg Skinfold fat/3 =Body fat number
Now take the % measuring table and find the Body Fat Percentage for that respective number you calculated.


Calculate Body Fat Percentage For Women:

The following two body parts are measured for calculating body fat percentage for women.

A. Arm Skinfold: measure body fat percentage for women

Pinch the arm from sides using calliper as shown in the picture and note down the number you got on the scale.

B. Lilac Skinfold:
Lilac is near the lower abdominal area.Pinch the skinfold there as shown in pic and note down the number you got on the scale.
After measuring the arm, iliac skinfold adds them and divide them by two.

Body Fat % For Women: Arm Skinfold+Lliac Skinfold/2 = Body fat number, now match the number with the respectively given table with a calliper.


What Is Body Density: Fat-Free body mass is called by body density.
Body density equation for men:

A=Abdominal Skinfold
B =Chest Skinfold
C =Arm Skinfold


Calculate Body density equation for Women:

A=Arm Skinfold
B=Lliac Skinfold

All the measurement must be done on the right side of the body and must be noted in mm.


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What Is The Healthy Body Fat Percentage For Men And Women:

Healthy Body fat% means minimum fat that must be available on your body.It depends that in what profession you are if you are a body builder than your body fat must be low as possible.
Here I am giving you an idea about body fat percentage according to occupation and gender.
You can measure your body fat percentage and compare to this chart.

Calculate body fat percentage for women and men


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