what are the best supplements stack for building muscle and losing fat.

Hey guys, in this article we are going to learn everything about best supplements that we can use. basically, when you heard the word supplement, these question may come in your mind.

why do I need a supplement ?

Is there  any side effects of supplement ?

Which supplement will be perfect for me ?

I am a beginner, can I use a supplement ?

Guide for best supplements :

The very first thing, you must be thinking what is supplement : Well supplement is something which is an extra add-on in your meal or diet. it means when you don’t get enough nutrition from your food,it’s the supplement that can give you all required nutrients.

Example: Like if you are a skinny guy and you need 15o gram of protein/ day .Then to get that amount of protein only from your meal is very hard. you need to take a lot of calories to take that amount of protein . that’s why we use a supplement to get that amount of protein.

The most important supplement that you can use are

best supplements

1.  Whey Protein Powder : whey protein is the most important supplement for your muscle growth,it is a high-quality protein, it helps your body for rebuild muscle and growth of muscle tissues,very easy to digest.your half of the supplement budget should be on whey protein powder.

best supplements multivitamin

2. Multivitamins : vitamins and minerals help to maintain your inner machinery. your internal organs heart,kidney,liver etc. needs to be maintained properly,vitamins and minerals keep your internal organs healthy for their proper functioning.The daily recommended quantity of vitamins & minerals is very hard to get from food, that’s why we use the multivitamin pill.

 best supplements for losing fat

3. Omega-3 : It increases overall muscle anabolism through an increase in protein synthesis.it decreases the level of stress hormone cortisol. omega-3 reduces pain in joints and very important to keep your joints healthy.

best supplements stack for building muscle

4. BCAA (branch chain amino acids) : Bcaa prevent muscle breakdown while workout,it is not produced in your body(essential amino acid),body absorb it from your food.If you don’t have much bcaa in your meal then, it’s very hard to prevent muscle breakdown during a workout.

5. Creatine : It gives you

  • Extra Energy
  • More Strength
  • High Endurance
  • It’s natural and safe up to 10 grams/day.
  • It increases the ATP level in the body so you can workout longer.

If you are a beginner,you should use top 3 best supplements mentioned here.if you have been working out for last 7-8 months, then use can all best supplements mentioned here.

Guys best supplements working depends on your diet.


Conclusion :

There are many hundreds of supplements in the market, the best supplements we talked here about are the complete requirement for your body growth.all these will work perfectly if your diet is clean and proper.

The body is not made in the gym it’s made in the kitchen. anything you wanna share guys feel free to comment.

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