What Is A balanced Diet And How It Looks Like-Complete Detail.

Hey, Guys my last post was about the meaning of nutrition, and this time we will talk about what is a balanced diet and how it looks like.

A healthy diet consists of all the essential food constituents, like protein,carbohydrate,fats,vitamins,minerals and water, in correct proportion is called a balanced diet.

Basic elements of a balanced diet :

  1. It must contain all the essential constituents in a decent amount.
  2. The proper ratio between protein,fats, and carbohydrate should be 1:1:3.
  3. The food should be easily digestible.
  4. Cooking of food sterilizes foodstuffs and makes it palatable and easily digestible.
  5. vitamins and minerals are very essential for your function and should be present in your meal.

Example : Let’s take an example of breakfast,so for a perfectly healthy diet what you can take in your breakfast meal

: Oats(carb)+egg whites/whey protein shake(protein)+peanut butter/almonds/walnuts/cashews/flex seeds(healthy fats)+1 multivitamin pill(vitamins & minerals).

Here in this example, you can see that all the essential required elements available in your meal. we can say that this meal is a balanced diet.

In this meal plan oats(non-flavored) for the requirement of carbohydrate,egg whites/whey protein shake for the requirement of protein.

For the healthy fat, sources like peanut butter,almonds,walnuts are presented and for the balanced diet, two other important elements vitamins and minerals are also available through a multivitamin pill.

The Reason why we take a multivitamin pill in this meal is that we don’t get daily recommended quantity of vitamins and minerals through our food, so here multivitamin helps us to get all required quantity of vitamins and minerals.

what is a good balanced diet

Another example of a balanced diet :

Now i want to tell about healthy balanced lunch meal, so what you can take in your meal

For carbohydrates : sweet potatoes/brown rice/millet/quinoa.

Protein Requirement : chick peaces/beans/cheese/tofu/chicken breasts.

healthy fat : Extra virgin olive oil/sunflower oil/coconut oil for cooking,almonds,walnuts.

For the vitamins and minerals : a green salad.

Now you can choose or pick any of this option into your meal and can have a healthy meal which your body demands its growth and maintenance.

Conclusion : so guys in the end everytime you take you meal try to take all five essential elements(protein,carb,fat,vitamins,minerals) required for growth of your body.


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